Questions and Answers.

Below is a list of commonly asked question with answers to help you with your buying experience. They have been broken down to two main sections, general questions and shelf questions.

If you can't find the answer to your question please contact us


General Questions

Q:- How long will my order take to come?

A:- Different items have different time scales which can fluctuate at different times of the year as order volumes increase/decrease. Please remember every single item we produce is done so to order for you and although we can push hard at busy times we can never let speed take priority over quality. This section is kept updated to match our work load and current lead times are as follows.

All items except the ones detailed below are approx 8-12 weeks from placing the order.

Floating shelves are 28 days 

Small items such as tea light holders are 14 days. 

Dog feeding stations 28 days

Q:- I have placed an order but not had any conformation that you have got my order.

A:- This is a two stage process. Firstly you will get an email from paypal confirming your payment. Once you have that email we have your order. Secondly you will get an email from us. However we don't use an automated order confirmation system as each order is checked over by us to ensure all parts of the order are complete and in the case of special instuction that they are indeed possible. Only then do we send out an order confirmation email manually. Depending on our current work load and the time you place the order [after hours/weekends etc] you will see a delay between your order and the email being sent. We tend to do them is small batches so it could be anything from an hour to 48hours.

Q:- Do I need a paypal account in order to make a payment?

 A:- No you can pay via credit card/debit card on paypal without opening an account.

Q:- If I am out when my item is delivered can it be left behind the bin, in the greenhouse, round the back etc etc?

A:- Sorry all items need signing for or the courier will not leave the item.

Q:- Can you tell me what time the item will be delivered on the day of delivery?

A:- If your item is being delivered to you via the courier {small items ie shelves coffee tables etc} then sorry no, they deliver between 8am and 6pm. If you are having a large item delivered {sideboards, dining tables etc} then we will be making the delivery and you will be given a two hour delivery slot. This slot will have been sorted out between yourself and us in advance.

Floating shelf questions

Q:- How long will my shelf take to be delivered?

A:- please see first question under general questions.

Q:- I want a shelf that's over 300mm deep can you help?

A:- Sorry no. The max shelf depth is 300mm, this is to stay within the safe working loads set out by the bracket supplier.

Q:- Can your shelves be used on stud walls?

A:- Sorry the wall must be a solid wall, that is brick or block construction and plastered.

Q:- You only list shelves up to 1400mm can I have a longer shelf?

A:- Yes but the courier fee changes over this length and we like to quote each job on it's own merit. Please email us with your size requirements and the first half of your post code and we will provide you with a quote. Very max shelf length is 1620mm

Q:- I want a shelf to fit in an alcove at a size that's not listed, can you help?

A:- Yes that's fine. To order bespoke sizes purchase the size above your requirements. Then when it comes to checkout there will be a section where you can add notes to your order. Just add your required size to this section and continue to complete your purchase. It is important that your requirements are added to this section so we know what size to produce.

eg:- If you require a 1085mm x 200 then purchase a 1100 x 200

If you require a 1000mmm x 230mm then purchase a 1000mm x 250mm

If you require a 1085mm x 230mm then purchase a 1100mm x 250mm and so on

Q:- I want the corners rounded on my shelf, can you do this?

A:- Yes that's fine, there is no extra charge for this. Just add to the notes box as stated on the question above. Please state the amount that you require them rounding by.

Q:- I want to stain my shelf to match other items I have, can I do this?

A:- Once the shelf is oiled then no. Any stain must go on first and not after the oil. If this is what you wish to do please request your shelf unfinished and we will send it out unfinished.

Q:- What weight can I put on my floating shelf?

A:- 20kg per meter on a 200mm wide shelf and 15kg per meter on a 300mm shelf.

Q:- I want a shelf that is one of your standard sizes, is this in stock and ready to go.

A:- Sorry no. We have listed almost 100 sizes and it is quite common for customers to order several of the same size. We don't have the space or resources to carry that amount of stock, we would be looking at ten's of thousands on pounds. We have in the past tried to second guess the sales and carry the common sizes, this is still very hard and ends up with items sat about.  On top of this approximately 50% of shelf sales have some form of special request to which stock would be no good. When you order any of our items it is produced "for you" before being packed and dispatched, we like to think of the customer as a person and not as an order on a piece of paper. You are not buying an items that has been sat in a warehouse for months on end or which has been shipped half way across the planet.