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Christmas delivery. 2014

The last order day for pre Christmas delivery is the 20th November, orders placed after this time will be delivered in January. Our January production list always fills up very quickly so be quick to avoid disappointment if your after early Jan delivery. 

Any questions just ask.

Christmas 2013

It's that time of year again.....Christmas is coming

All orders placed on or before 25th November will be dispatched before Christmas. Orders placed on the 26th of November on wards will be delivered in January 2014. 

Our January production list always fills up very quickly so if you do want early January delivery please get your orders in early to avoid disappointment.  

If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line.

Facebook Comp/giveaway

Our facebook giveaway will be coming to an end shortly. This blog post will be time stamped, the comp will end within one hour of that stamp.

This is whats going to happen, I will comment on the post " next comment wins". It needs very little explanation but the very next comment after mine will win. Remember you will need a mainland UK delivery address in order to win. In the event that the next comment can't provide a uk address the prize will go to the next comment.

Good luck

Ps Facebooks default setting is to put the comments in "top comments" order, so the comments may look wrong, to see them in order use the drop down box to select "most recent"

Solid Oak Floating Shelves

Solid oak Floating shelves from The Oak Shop

Each and every shelf is lovingly handcrafted upon order with the customers requirements at the  for front in our minds. Using only the finest quality American white Oak  kiln dried timbers each shelf is produced here in the UK to last a lifetime.

Our unique production method means our floating oak shelves can be used above radiators, open fires,  log burners, in kitchens and bathrooms and just about anywhere else in the home. Indeed I personally donít know of another shelf/furniture company that produces shelves in the same manner as we do.

Once each shelf has been made and sanded itís then finished in three coats of Liberon Finishing oil and once dry hand waxed. The result is a piece of oak that is not only hard wearing and looks stunning but also feels silky smooth to the touch. We could save a few pounds by using a lower grade oil or even Danish oil but why...we have gone to the lengths of using the best timbers, putting in the time and effort in to ensure we are supplying the best product we can so we might as well use the best oil on the market.

When we first started producing and selling oak shelves online there were very few places to purchase the steel work from but over the years I have seen this market grow and grow until thereís a flood of different bracket types available. Although the bracket we supply with our shelves is not the cheapest it is one of if not the best on the market.  Very few out there can compensate for any sagging once the shelf is fixed to the wall and so effortlessly.

As this market has grown so has the number of companies offering floating shelves, a quick Google search will provide dozens and most claiming their shelves are the best. Some may be cheaper than ours and some may be offering a quicker service. Personally I worry when something seams too cheap or when a company says they can do me something straight away....why if they are so good can they get on with my order without delay? Why have they no work? What does everyone else know that I donít? May be Iím just a little sceptical! I also worry that any company that just produces shelves may not have fully experienced trades people for the different stages in the production, someone that may be feels as if heís on a production line rather than in a place of ďcraftĒ, a place where you can take pride in the work and the items you produce. Oak is our game and we can spot a defect is a lump of timber at ten paces in the dark.....well almost but you get what I mean, one day we might be producing shelves, the next a 6 ft bespoke sideboard both give the same amount of pride for a job well done when the customer is over the moon with their purchase. The quality of our products is reflected in the amount of repeat custom we have which in turn is seen in our lead times. Sadly if you want something by the end of the week itís unlikely we would be able to help. However then it you want a shelf or any other Oak item of furniture for that matter that will last a life time then speak to us.

So if itís quality Oak shelves that your after from a company thatís still going to be here when you want some more to match years down the road then look no further, of course your welcome to look round and compare our prices and service but remember to scratch the surface so to speak and ensure you know what your buying and from whom!

Floating shelf page

Help line 01205 460280

Bespoke Oak Dvd storage

  This is a Bespoke Dvd storage unit I was asked to build a while     ago. The customer had limited space so a few challenges were           encountered along the way but nothing that wasn't doable.  

 Built entirely to customer spec from the design to the external overall size and even internal drawer size.

 As with many of my items this had three coats of Liberon Finishing oil and then was hand waxed. The look was finished off with brushed chrome finger pull handles.

 As you would expect it had dovetailed drawers, both front and rear.

  I can never see the point of going to great lengths just to get the  front of an item looking nice and then cutting corners on the back.  Both the sides and rear had shaker style panels.

 Have you an item that you would like building. May be to fit in a  limited space or may be you want to put your own mark on a piece  and design it yourself. Let me have your ideas and I will provide you  with a no obligation quote, I look forward to hearing from you.

The Blog!

Here's a novel blog post, it's about our blog??

We have another blog, one that not on the main site and we have been asking for the help of any dog lovers we might have. Why not pop over and take a look what we are up to.

Facebook Giveaways

We have been running a few promo's on Facebook, why not pop over and see what's going on and enter one of our giveaways.


If you have been following us on facebook you will have seen that we have had a couple of promos running. Turns out we were in breach of facebook's T&C so have had to end them, hence me moving away from facebook to explain.

The one that was open to everyone, well we have emailed someone that didn't win a dog bowl stand that we were not giving away. Hopefully she will call by the page and tell you all about the stand she didn't win in a competition that was never running in the first place ;-)

We will be running comps in the very near future and will continue to support the rescue centers, we just have to work out how best to do it and stay within T&C's

Below is a question I asked about rescue centers, you can see the votes as they were at 18.00.

 As promised here is a poll for the rescue centers. Help support them by placing your vote. Voting will end at 12 noon new years day and the one with the most votes will receive one of our medium feeding stations, they can the using it, raffle it, auction it, what ever they see fit.

Bryson's animal rescue 19 votes

Friends of the Animals RCT 181 votes

Cuddly critters small animal rehoming 57 votes

Hope Rescue Wales 234 votes

Great Dane Adoption Society 40 votes

Help for abandoned animals. org 55 votes

London and Surrey VizWhizz 149 votes

Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary 147 votes

Wellingborough Dog Welfare 75 votes

Mayflower animal sanctuary 19 votes

One of the many terms we were breaching is that anyone winning any prize either on or of facebook can not be contacted via facebook messages, on a time line, in a news feed or tagged in any way on facebook. Above you can see that Hope finished in first place so can if you are admin for hope can you email me please and I'll send you a feeding station that you didn't win.

As this poll was ended early I'm going to run it again but remove the winning center and give the other 9 another shot at it.

If there's anything else you need to know please comment on this blog post, email me, use the contact form on this site or message me via facebook.

Important Christmas Delivery information

It does n't seem like a year since I was writing the same post but here we are again.  

Any orders for furniture or bespoke work on or after the 10th Nov will be for delivery in 2013

Cut off for smaller items shelves, dog bowl stands etc is 15th Nov, on and after the 16th delivery will be 2013

If you are unsure please ask.

The run up to Christmas is always a hectic time for us and delivery timescales can run over. During this busy time please bear with us, we can never compromise quality for speed but still work hard to get orders out as soon as possible.  

product care

Timber/furniture care

While it's throwing it down outside why not take the "stuck indoors time" to care for your oiled furniture. With a little care furniture should last a life time and with a few simple steps you can keep it looking as good as the day it was delivered

Day to day cleaning/dusting is best done simply with a dry cloth. Never use a damp or wet cloth, this can remove some of the protective oils and waxes. If the surface starts to look a little dry its time to rewax or re-oil. All our furniture is oiled and then once dry waxed. Creamy bees wax is the easiest to use and instructions on the bottle should always be followed but basically wipe on leave a few minutes and buff up. This should only need to be done a couple of times a year. If this has not been done for quite a while and the timber is very dry you might have to re oil. We recommend liberon finishing oil, very much like Danish oil but easier to use and dries a little harder. Same as wax the instructions on the tin must be followed but wipe on and then wipe off any excess. Once dry re wax.

A couple of other things. Avoid long periods of direct sunlight, this can speed up the drying process and it extreme cases the timber can split. Aerosol based polishes should also be avoided. The propellant in the can which is used to get the polish out can also dry the  furniture. If you must use this then spray onto your cloth and wipe on rather than spraying directly onto the furniture.

Our number one tip has got to be this. If you are not sure what to do or how to care then ask, we are only an email/phone call away. There is no such thing as a daft question!

Buy British

Buy British

Why ?

Well I could go on all day about the quality standards that you will find with our products and properly would do with most British made items, we are a proud nation and take pride in what we do. You will have heard this a thousand times before.

I could point you to a hundred websites where although the site doesn't clearly state the items are imports, mostly from china and the rest of the far east ,  they will be and although they are not up to the standards of British gear to be fair some aren't bad. So think about the following  for a second. The British furniture manufacturing market turns over around £10.3 billion a year which is around 2% of the country's GDP and  employs 130 thousand people.  Between the 2001 and 2008 the UK furniture production market flat lined, in terms of growth, and in 2008 when the recession really got it's teeth in it dropped 22%. China are giving us a kicking while we are down and flooding the market with their  low cost items, many at a cost price to the importer which is lower than I could purchase the raw materials for. China and the other players in the market can only continue to do this while there is demand for it and if the imbalance continues the Uk market could well disappear or be pushed so small that only the very elite would remain pushing most products beyond the reach of the average customer. If thatís allowed to happen not only would we be losing the 10.3 billion but one of the 130,000 then unemployed people could well have his/her sights set firmly on your job! It canít be allowed to happen, these skills have been past from generation to generation and it would be a catastrophe if they were lost.

Support British manufacturing and craftsmanship and buy British


Today, friday the 25th, we shall be giving away one of our products valued at £52. Keep and eye on our facebook page to be in with a chance of winning. Item will be delivered free of charge!

Important delivery information

Each year the time that I have to sit down and write this post seams to get earlier and earlier but here goes.

We are now at the point where we can not take any more oders for 2011 delivery. Any orders taken from today [7th Nov] will be delivered 2012. Our diary for January always fills up very quickly so if you want delivery early next year you will need to be placing the order shorlty. If you do place any order between now and the new year you will be emailed with a approx production date and delivery date shorlty after placing the order. Should you wish to get a rough idea of next years work load before placing an order just drop us an email.

You may well have seen that our shelves are 28 day delivery. Last year the amount of orders placed towards the end of the year ment that we had more than the 28 day work load in January. If this happens again we will post again on the blog and up date the situation. This would not affect any orders all ready placed.

Finally should you have any questions what so ever regarding lead times please feel free to drop us an email.

missing sales pages

If this is not your first visit to our site you may well notice that the site is a little light on sales pages. We have had to hide some pages , mainly the more labour intensive items, in an order to maintain control over our work load. Basically we are trying to slow down sales!! All of the missing items can still be ordered and indeed most are pictured in our gallery but we will then be able to give you a better idea of a lead time based on your requirements at the point of order. This will stay like this I would think into the new year and may be even longer, we will just have to see how well our new planned system works. If you have any questions please email us.


Over the last week it has come to light that we have a problem with our email. We are getting incoming email but for some reason around 20% of out going emails are not getting through. If you have sent us an email are are awaiting a reply please try again or ring us on our contact number. We are currently working to fix this and hope to be back to normal shortly.

Update to the above post 23/7/11

It has come to light that the above problem is more wide spreed than we first realised. All in bound emails and orders are getting to us. However a lot of out bound emails and order confirmation emails are failing to reach customers.   This problem was down to our ISP's email server and has now been by passed from this end. From today everything should be back to normal and if you place an order or send us an email you will get a reply. Please remember to see our questions and answers page regarding the slight time delay on order confirmation emails in general. The problem we have now is that we are unable to tell when the problem first started and indeed which emails got through and which failed. A lot of the order confirmations have been resent but we can'nt guarantee that all that are missing have been done. If you have placed an order please rest assured that we will have your order but should you want confirmation please ask.

Power Cut Tuesday the 18th

On Tuesday the 18th we will have no power! The website will be still live and we will be able to take web orders. However we will have no phone or internet and as such will be unable to anwser any emails during this time. There will also be no order conformation emails sent. At this time we are unsure how long the power will be off but aim to get all emails answered and order conformation's sent as soon as possible once power is restored.


The snow is here again and yet again the country grinds to a halt. At the start of the year when we had the last bad lot of snow we continued to dispatch items on the days the courier was able to reach us. Once dispatched  the items took much longer to arive as the couriers had problems getting to all their drops each day. The result was that as the items were spending much longer aboard the couriers vehicles and at depots they were much more liable to damage in transit and we saw a sharp rise in reports for damages. A damaged item is no good to yourselves or us and just delays your order even further.

With this in mind and the current adverse weather conditions we have taken the decision to suspend dispatches until this coming Monday [5th Dec]. We must apologise for any inconvence caused in advance but I'm sure you will agree that your items are better of a little late than damaged.

We use three different couriers depending on size and weight of items and one courier was able to get to us Monday just gone but the other two havn't been since Thursday last week. Looking at the met office forcast things should be back to normal for Monday

Please keep an eye on this page for any further delivery updates should they be necesary.

Xmas Delivery

Important information regarding pre-xmas delivery

Floating shelves

As stated on our Q+A page production times for floating shelves is 21 days. However in the run up to Christmas we are always busy with these items and prduction times will be extened to 28 days. Our last courier collection date is the 17th of Dec so this will make the last day for placing an order for pre-xmas delivery  Friday 19th Nov.

You are more than welcome to order shelves after the 19th Nov but delivery will be in the new year. Placing an order after this date will ensure early Jan delivery as for the last few years we have had very strong sales over the Christmas week, so if you do want early jan delivery you must get your orders in late Nov/early Dec.

All other items

Sorry but the last order date for these has already passed and any items ordered between now and Xmas will be delivered in the new year.

Should you have any questions regarding the above information please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

A tenner for your pic's

Yes that's right, £10 for taking a picture!

We are constantly looking for images of our products in their intended environment, thatís any of our items but mainly floating shelves and bespoke items.

If you have purchased any of our products and can take a picture and email them to us it would be a great help. In return if we use your pictures on our website you will receive and discount code via email to use on your next purchase from our site to the value of £10.

There will be no minimum spend in order to use your £10 and full details will be emailed to you should we use your picture. There will be no cash alternative.

Happy snapping.


Pictures should be emailed to with the word pictures in the subject title

Home Insurance Ė Make Sure Youíre Covered
Dan Collins,

A piece of solidly built, well made, genuine oak furniture is not just decorative, itís an investment. Oak lasts a long time if well cared for, so if you spend the money now you can enjoy your bookcase, dining table or wine rack for years to come, and pass it onto future generations.

But accidents happen. Furniture gets knocked against, or spilt on, or subjected to boisterous children with scant regard for the value of the item theyíre clambering on. This is where having a good home insurance policy comes in handy.

Home insurance will reimburse you the cost of repairing or, in some cases, replacing an item which has been damaged or broken, or stolen. You may think you wonít need it, that if anything happens to your belongings youíll be able to afford something else. But you never know whatís around the corner, which is why it never hurts to have a back up plan.

There are two types of home insurance. One covers the building itself, including windows, carpets and doors. The other covers the contents within the home; furniture, clothing and in some cases the food in your fridge or freezer. Before taking out a home contents insurance policy you will need to estimate the value of goods in your home, so itís a good idea to hold onto any receipts for the larger items to help you with this.

You may find your insurance wonít cover certain items in your house, for example an expensive piece of furniture or jewellery. There could be a number of reasons for this; the item may be deemed too valuable and, if damaged, could result in a larger payout than your standard premiums would cover. Or it may be that owning that item puts you at greater risk of theft (often the case with expensive garden equipment as itís in public view). Whatever the reason, if your standard policy doesnít cover it you may want to think about a separate policy for that item.

If looking at a specialist policy youíll need a recent receipt or written valuation to verify the itemís worth. The insurance provider will then give you an insurance quote based on the value of that item. You may be able to get single item insurance like this from your standard home insurance provider, or there are specialist companies who offer it, particularly for jewellery, expensive electrical items and antiques.

If you already have cover and later buy something expensive, contact your provider to see if theyíll insure your new item under the existing policy. If not, you may need separate insurance. Sometimes the retailer you purchased the item from may offer this, although store insurance can be costlier.

Like any other insurance, the cost of a home insurance policy can vary between providers. Itís best to compare home insurance quotes from a number of providers before making your decision. Read the small print: some insurers require you to pay premiums for a certain period of time before you make a claim. And remember, the amount of excess you pay can significantly reduce your premiums.

Green Oak

Oak timber and green oak

Many customers keep asking me the difference between what the call normal oak and green oak so I thought I would post out lining a few points.

The are of course different types of oak but the term "green" means the timber if freshly cut and will still have a very high moisture content, it is not anything at all to do with the colour. As this timber drys it will be liable to splitting and twisting and is not suitable for the production of furniture. There are some furniture producers that use green oak ie for beam coffee tables where the drying process that will that place in you home will add to the character of the piece how ever anything else will just and the piece will just end up being worthless. Timber for furniture needs to be dry with a moisture content not above about 12%. When the tree is felled the moisture content can be around 40-60% depending on the time of year which needs to be reduced before the timber can be worked.This can be done by kiln drying the timber or simply seasoning the timber, kiln dry is quicker and cheaper.

Product care

Most of   my products are finished in danish oil unless the item is listed otherwise draining boards have a poly finish. An oiled finish is very easy to maintain by just wiping the item down with a slightly damp cloth. Should you wish to wax your item this can be done straight over the top of the oil and I would recommend the use of a natural product such as bee's wax. Please try and avoid aerosol products as this can dry the finish of your product.

An oiled finish will require re-oiling about once a year depending on the amount of use the item gets. The item should be wiped down with a mild detergent solution or white spirit before the oil is aplided. The oil should simply be put on using a brush or clean rag and then left to stand a few minute's don't worry about any brush marks or runs at this stage. Absolutely no skill is required for application as even when the oil is applied with a brush, it does not have to be brushed out in the same way as a varnish. The brush is merely used to spread the oil liberally over the surface. Once the oil has had chance to soak in, using a clean rag wipe away any excess and allow to dry [4-8 hours depending on room temp]

If I had to give you one piece of advice regarding oiling your product it would be to use a good quality oil. Danish oil is just like any other product out there on the market, you pay cheap you get cheap!! Rustins   is a very good oil and is readily available from most DIY stores and not that expensive.   I have tried "own brands" before and trust me it's not worth the bother. Solid oak furniture with a little loving care will last for years and years, don't spoil it with cheap oil.

If you have purchased any of my products and require further advice on oiling your item please don't hesitate to contact me, either via email or phone. Contact details can be found on the contact us page.

Over the next few weeks this page will be up dated with details for basic repairs should you ever damage an item so please check back soon for more info. If you don't feel you would like to attempt an repair I do offer the service here at a very reasonable rate.

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